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the sound of things

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft      |      August 4 - November 11, 2017      |      Photography by Scott Cartwright, Sarah Darro, Bohyun Yoon, Alyce Santoro

The Sound of Things features the work of artists Bohyun Yoon and Alyce Santoro. The exhibition conceptualizes sound and its laden potential within objects and craft materials. The exhibition prompts visitors to ask:  What does glass sound like? What does a sonic weaving look like? Yoon and Santoro have mined the history of their respective materials—glass and woven audio tape—to engage with these questions and make tangible what was once unperceivable.

Bohyun Yoon’s work explores sound as well as imperceptible modes of communication and social structures. The artist combines his medium of glass and its properties of vibration resonance, refraction, and transparency with accompanying video performances to make the invisible visible. Like glass, weaving has a longstanding connection to the aural realm:  drafting a weaving pattern is similar to composing music on a staff, and the process of weaving itself has a rhythmic, tonal quality. Alyce Santoro has amplified this connection in her work, developing a woven textile that is literally imbued with recorded music, in a series of works entitled Sonic Fabric.